How can SMEs earn handsome income without taking any huge risks using smart investment tools?

How can SMEs earn handsome income without taking any huge risks using smart investment tools?

For most Small and Medium enterprises, a lot of their money usually lies in their current accounts which earns them zero interest. Most businessmen would want to use this money for immediate business related opportunities as a liquidity. This money could be in lakhs or crores.
But if one plays a smart game, they can easily create wealth without taking any big risks.
Let’s see how this could be done:

  1. If they park 3 to 6 months’ salaries of employees into Liquid Funds with Dividend Reinvestment option. The dividend so earned should go to Long Term Equity.
  2. The other money could be parked in medium to long term debt and small amount into equity in lump sum to the tune of 10 to 25% and start a good amount of SIP ranging from 10K to 50K as per long term goal of building capital.

This is very important as every business has a cycle. This cycle runs for a short period of time every year or for a longer term. The reason being, every business faces different set of challenges which can be due to government policy or competition or many a times the Regulator. Therefore, the invested amount can be used for increasing the turnover or starting a new vertical or expansion of business by acquiring new assets such as machinery etc.
These funds give return ranging from 6% to 10%, it will help in building big businesses from the funds which would in other cases would have given no returns at all.

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Bhushan Sheth
Bhushan Sheth
He started his career as a Banker with Bank of Maharashtra for 12 years. By the year 1994, He had the entrepreneurial urge and the desire to serve individuals not only as a Banker but as a Financial Advisor. He became an entrepreneur for distribution of entire range of financial products. The business growth was immense and simply unstoppable. During his new career he achieved the glorious milestones of becoming MDRT with LIC of India, COT of LIC of India, and MDRT with Birla Sun life Insurance co, and won impeccable reputation of being a financial advisor with Ethics, Efficiency and Excellence. By the year 2005 he felt a need to grow more professionally and serve the ever growing clients on wider scale in more organized manner. So a he created brand new organization ORBIT Financial Services. He moved to a higher ORBIT! Orbit is independent financial advisory company with client base of over 3000 investors. At Orbit, Our objective is to give complete financial planning solution. Financial planning is must in these times of volatile markets, nuclear families, increasing cost of living, educational and medical expenses, uncertain retirement benefits, low returns on deposits and greater life expectancy levels. At Orbit we understand your needs, analyze your risk appetite and plan your investments to meet the financial goals you hope to achieve moving forward.
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